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Aluminum extrusions have several inherent characteristics that make them an attractive alternative to other material types. Though aluminum extrusions are lightweight, accept a variety of finishes, are flexible and exhibit excellent corrosion resistance properties, they also have a high strength to weight ratio allowing them to be utilized in a wide array of diverse applications ranging from aerospace and automotive to construction and consumer goods.

Extrusions also offer numerous advantages in terms of secondary fabrication including but not limited to forming, machining, bending, punching, joining and welding. Likewise extrusions allow for many different finishing options since they readily accept anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, liquid painting and mechanical finishes.

The initial investment cost in aluminum extrusion tooling is relatively inexpensive in comparison with the tooling costs of other materials. When taking into consideration the flexibility in design, coupled with the almost limitless shapes and sizes that can be produced aluminum extrusion frequently proves to be an economically prudent choice.

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